Late night gym

In an odd turn of events I decided to hit the gym late at night. None-the-less, it was one of the best gym experiences I’ve had although not the BEST workout I could have done. Mellow and not crowded. I could get used to it. Anyways, a list of what was done anyone?

3x 20 Reps of Arnold Shoulder Press at weight capable of 20 reps

2x 10 Reps of Arnold Shoulder Press at heavier weights

1x 5 reps of Arnold Shoulder Press at heaviest (or close to) weights

5x 10 reps of reverse shoulder press going up by 5 on every set (10 on the last 2)

2x 20 reps flat bench at 135

2x 10 reps flat bench 165

2x 6 reps flat bench 185

2x 4 reps flat bench 205

2x 3 reps flat bench 225

Then flat bench for upper chest. Not sure what it’s called, but basically you bring the bar down to your collar bone rather than mid-chest, works upper chest with shoulders length grip. Use lighter weight than what you flat bench

5x 10 reps of preacher curls(bicep at 45degree angle to chest) +5 pounds per set (ending at 30)

5x 10 reps of preacher curls (bicep completely vertical) ending at 25

Then tons of other bicep, shoulder, chest and tricep workouts and AS USUAL we finish strong with the traps. As many sets with dumbells at possible going up as high as possible until they’re dead. Gotta love traps.

Anyways, just a quick post as an update to what I’m doing, in the mean time, how are you?



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Sophie Arvebrink - lower back extensions - July 26, 2014

Repost for the workout. I swear… I promise… Alright…


incredible, truly incredible.


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idk bout u but i love the smell of an axe in my hands. smells like wood polish and cold iron. smells like power and fear.